Plants vs Zombies 2

7.3.1 for iPhone



Are you ready to come back and defend your garden?


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Plants vs Zombies 2 is a sequel to the popular 'tower defense' game from PopCap in which your mission is to defend your position against incessant zombie attacks using an army of all sorts of plants.

This time, though, you don't only have to defend your homeowner's garden from zombie attacks—you also have to travel back through different periods of history to protect Earth's most important sites with the help of your plants.

As you'd expect from any good sequel, Plants vs Zombies 2 offers new plants to help you on your mission, as well as a good handful of new zombies. Thanks to this new variety of characters and enemies, this time it will be even more complicated to beat all the game's levels.

Plants vs Zombies 2 has the same fun mechanism that made the first release the game of the year, touchscreen controls that have been perfectly adapted for iOS devices, and new and improved visuals that will make players' challenges even more delightfully difficult.
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